A very, very English meal

A very, very English meal

Those who have been to a place called ‘Bonsai’ are now happy about the fact that its replacement, Life Caffé is a much better place to hangout!

Situated right in the heart of buzzing Connaught Place’s Block B, this eatery is somewhat hidden behind the premises of Citrus Hotel, but is a hit the young crowds which can be spotted enjoying a good English breakfast or an average British-style
lunch here.

While the ambience is distinctly formal and ‘English’ with heavy floral patterns on the walls, leather chairs offset with light-weight serving tables, the menu has a lot of Indian options like seafood, chicken and mushrooms to choose from. Hidden away among these are a few novel dishes that are unique to the place.

While relishing a laid-back luncheon, Metrolife ordered for a variety of appetisers - Koliwada Fish Fingers, Ghongura Mushrooms, Kasudi Baby Potato, Nigiri Sushi platter and a Life Caffé Dimsum Basket. Unfortunately, the fish and chicken failed to impress much and sushi turned out to be a wrong choice.

But the baby potatoes were truly tasty with just the right quantity of mustard oil in dainty brown coloured baby potatoes cooked at optimum flame. Tender inside, the baby potatoes were tough competition to the mushrooms which were prepared exquisitely and tasted as spicy as expected. The blanched and salted mushrooms were mixed with a thick gravy that had strong flavours of chopped onion and pickled Gongura spice. The dimsums were tender but dry.

The taste buds got a boost with the Life Caffe Mocktail - a mix of fruit juices and a little tangy. The Gooey Marshmallow Shake is a perfect drink for those who enjoy it sweet. But nothing can beat the refreshing taste of Mango and Oatmeal shake which combined the crunch of oatmeal and tender pulp of mango. Probably the best twist that could be given to a regular mango shake!

The drinks go very well with the main course like the well-marinated and appropriately broiled Goa Grilled Pomfret. The pasta in white sauce was cooked well too. However, the platters remained average. Both the Chilli Prawns Platter and Honey Sesame Chilli Cottage Cheese Platter have similar gravy apart from the use of sesame oil in cottage cheese and chilli sauce in prawns. Served with noodles and rice, the platters though taste like Indianised Chinese, yet are filling and are served in generous quantities. 
Though an appetiser, the dish Bunny Chow is the USP of this place and akin to our very own popular Pao Bhaji. The menu describes it as a bread loaf that is scooped to be filled with gravy. The dish has its origins in South Africa, as a result of Mahatma Gandhi’s influence when he spent time there.

But, Metrolife signed off with the gooey English desserts – Apple Pie and Carrot Cake. The credit to prepare both with an intricate approach goes to the pastry chef.