Sydney Opera House at 40

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the iconic Sydney Opera House in October this year, the Australian institution is planning a series of design-led events in recognition of Danish architect Joern Utzon’s masterpiece.

From October 20 to 28, the Sydney Opera House will invite Danish architects, designers and artists to showcase their work under its famous roof, while in Denmark, the Utzon Centre in Aalborg will display never-before-seen sketches and models of the Opera House and create a section of the structure’s stairway for the public.

The CEO of the Sydney Opera House, Louise Herron, said: “The Opera House has been central to Australian life and identity for forty years. It has also been integral in forging important links between our two countries that continue to strengthen and evolve to this day, which is why it is so appropriate that new generations of Danes play a central part in our 40th anniversary celebrations in October. Our anniversary is very much about safeguarding Joern Utzon’s masterpiece for future generations of artists, visitors and audiences.”

Meanwhile, it has been announced that LEGO will release, in September, one of its largest mass-market architectural sets to date, on the Sydney Opera House. Using 2,989 bricks, owners can construct the recognisable curves and steps of the Opera House on the largest blue stud base-plate ever manufactured by LEGO.

 In total, the building  [23 cm x 63.5 cm x 38 cm] will incorporate a wealth of rare LEGO bricks in dark tan. Complex design has ensured that the completed model can be moved and handled with ease and the subtle detailing of Joern Utzon and Ove Arup’s original building is captured in an achievable way. The Sydney Opera House was built in 1973. Its design came from Danish architect Joern Utzon who won a competition in 1956.

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