Are old cellphones pass? Think again

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Are old cellphones pass? Think again

The forever dynamic mobile market is evolving like never before. From text messages to the never-ending Whatsapp chats, from 2G to 3G (4G in some cases), and from referring to a printed map or asking people around for directions to using a GPS navigation, smartphone technology has become an integral part of our daily routine.

The craze for owning a smartphone is unexplainable. Dependency on laptops or notebooks for all the work/internet related needs seems like history with high-end mobile phones now making tasks simpler. “Technology has made life really easy. With rapid advancement, interesting features come up in every new phone. Whether it is an app for entertainment or safety, hats off to the people behind it,” believes Ira Dayal who uses an Android phone.

Apart from the effortless usage, smartphones also act as a status symbol for a lot of people. However, this is not always the deciding factor. “It’s an individual perspective. To some it is important, to others it isn't. Some people buy a smartphone because they think it's cool but they might not know its proper functioning. Others own it because they either need it for their job or are more tech-savvy,” states Twishi Pande, a mass communication student using an iPhone. Price is another criterion as “some phones are worth buying but some are over expensive which are meant to act as status symbol,” adds Aditya Patanjali, owning a Windows 8 phone.

Connectivity has risen tremendously as networking is no longer a hassle. This is probably the most significant feature that has made the paradigm shift in technology seem so natural. Twishi says, “All my friends are now on Whatsapp or BBM (Blackberry Messenger) etc. Communication, both national as well as international, becomes very easy with instant messaging, sharing of photos, videos or songs.”

The trend has been welcomed with open arms by Gen-X. “It’s just awesome how Android and Windows have taken over the age old phones. Applications are very productive and easy to use. Whatsapp and WeChat are leading due to their real time messaging feature, giving clear competition to Blackberry too. Plus they are free; all you need is data pack or Wi-Fi. Who wouldn’t want them,” asks Pankaj Chhabra, a smartphone loyalist.

So do you really feel that the regular feature phones are a passé? Think again. Surprisingly, regular phones are still all charged-up in a market dominated by smartphones. Users remain loyal to their modest handsets even today as they feel the basic features are enough for them and anything additional is an attraction gimmick. Interestingly, some of the high-end phone users feel the same. “Smartphones are more like expensive toys which are rarely used for their advance features that add to the cost. Also, their main drawback is the low battery backup which renders them useless during an emergency,” reasons Satyam Malik, a Symbian user himself.

Moreover, durability, long battery back-ups and affordability are some key features regular phones boast of. “Whenever our smartphones go for repairing, those regular ones come to our rescue. They have equal importance and are affordable for those who cannot spend more than Rs 15, 000 on a cellphone,” adds Ira.

Well, maybe you should reconsider before dumping your old handset that has always been your loyal companion. Technology has literally made mobile phones an on-the-go medium of communication. While the competition is tough, it all really depends on your tech needs.

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