Make sumptuous, lip smacking food items like naans, paranthas or soya champs, paneer tikkas or chicken tikkas in a jiffy. The gas oven tandoor from Wonderchef is a unique combination of oven and tandoor, this gas oven tandoor works on your normal gas stove at home.

When it comes to operational efficiency, it’s non-stick coating makes sure that you can cook tasty snacks without grease. Armed with 360-degree heating, this tandoor uses the convection method of cooking thus saving time. The hot air rotating inside makes sure that the food gets cooked from all directions - crispy coating with juicy interiors. Not only this, by saving on time and enhancing one’s cooking skills it paves a way for non-oily starters, ensuring healthy eating for all your family members and guests at parties.  

Cutwork bags

Crafted luxurious in soft fabric, MCQ’s Incredible cutwork bags and clutches at Kirsch is a glamorous addition to your jetset wardrobe. Elaborately worked on with subtle colours of white and coral these bags stand out and create a whole new trendy icon once carried. Lightweight, comfortable and trendy are their synonyms. Apt for the season these bags and clutches make a remarkable change and adds the flamboyance in your gait as you hold onto one.

Designer laptop bag

Feel stylish every time you use your gadgets in front of others. Find the perfect designer laptop bag, skin, Designer case for iphone and ipad online at Craftsvilla. The collection on offer includes funky hand painted designer covers that would be difficult to find at any cover shop. These perky products are unique and durable. And guess what any stains or residues can easily be cleaned off.

Exclusive vases

Monsoon are coming and it’s the season for flowers so Frazer and Haws presents an exclusive collection of Vases to make the most of the precious blooms by placing them in the right kind of vase in innovative shapes and sizes. Filled or empty stylishvase in vibrant colours is embellished with very fine pierced pattern in sterling silver. Exquisite detailing sets it apart as it adorns any special corner of a home. Handcrafted and in sterling silver and Hallmarked.