Get ready for a laugh riot

Get ready for a laugh riot

Gandhinagar Grapevine

Get ready for a laugh riot

Kannada actor Sharan’s latest movie, ‘Victory’ will see him appear in eight different looks – each look being distinct.

Sharan found every character that he played in the movie to be challenging and unique.
Sharan says that it is his strong background in theatre that has helped him get this far.
“Acting was not my cup of tea, and I still think that I was not cut out to be an actor. A lot of things fell in line giving me the right opportunities and I couldn’t say no to the kind of roles that were coming my way,” says Sharan.
Talking about his role, Sharan confesses that the different looks are not to grab extra attention or to create unnecessary hype.

“Each look has a strong point in the movie and has something substantial to convey. There are many shades to the character and it was taxing to play each one to perfection. But I’ve enjoyed discovering many sides to my personality. Interestingly, there are so many twists and turns in the movie and the suspense isn’t revealed till the end of the film,” he shares.

Sharan feels this movie is special in a lot of ways. “To start with, the subject is unique and perfectly suits the present day situation. The narration is humourous and offers plenty of light moments but the movie conveys a strong message,” he notes.  

The movie may be hitting the theatres only by the end of the month but its audio is already popular with the people. The song titled Kali Quarter is about a drunkard and the many things he does in an inebriated state and it has got a lot of remarks on YouTube. “Popular stars such as Sudeep, Darshan and a few others have watched the video and given a positive feedback. It’s a song that has a bar scene,” explains Shyam Chabria, producer of ‘Victory’. Another song titled Onne Onne, which has been shot in Bangkok, has all the actors in loud and colourful attires.

Shyam says that the story is a comedy-thriller. “It’s the story of a husband and wife. The two get in trouble and the film captures how the couple overcomes the problem. But there’s an element of suspense that lasts till the end of the film,” concludes Shyam.