Special squad for targeted killings

Raising alarms for the state police forces along the West Bengal-Jharkhand-Bihar-Chhattisgarh corridor, the Maoists seem to have formed a special squad, whose job would be to undertake targeted killings of political leaders and senior police officials.

The possibility of such a squad executing killings emerged when the West Bengal Police was informally sharing intelligence with Jharkhand Police, who is currently busy in looking for more clues to the recent daylight killing of Amarjit Balihar, the Superintendent of Police of Pakur district, along with five others.

According to a senior police official from the West Bengal anti-Maoist cell, there were several references to a special squad that have been undertaking only targeted killings, after detailed planning to ensure perfect execution.

 “The recent killing of Mahendra Karma and other Congress leaders at Chhattisgarh is one such example in which planning should have happened over months. Balihar’s killing should have been planned in such a manner to ensure there would be nothing jeopardising the operation,” he said.

This special squad, being thought of as a Maoist special operations group by senior administrative and police officials, is reported to have been formed with cadres who are either from Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh or are well aware of the terrain along this corridor for ease of movement and superior execution.

  Besides the Central Military Commission, the special squad is also expected to maintain contact with the regional commanders although it is unlikely they would report to these commanders or would inform them before hand, if they were to pass through the regions they control.

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