CITU flays CM's move on pre-budget discussions

Centre of Indian Trade Union (CITU) State General Secretary S Prasanna Kumar strongly condemned CM Siddharamaiah’s move not to allow the labour unions representing the labour class to participate in the pre-budget discussions.

Speaking to media persons, he alleged that the government is pro capitalist and is deaf towards the grievances of labour class that accounts to nearly 40 per cent of the population in the State.

He demanded that at least one per cent of the budget should be earmarked to take care of the labour class. Currently, the fund that is released to the Labour Social Security Board is insufficient and is merely enough to provide identity cards to the members. The Government should allot no less than the basic minimum funds, he added.

Stating that government should take measures to curb the inflation, Prasanna Kumar said that the tax levied against the diesel and petrol is the highest component in the country. He demanded that the government should stop imposing tax on power as the power is one of the basic resources.

There should be effective mobilisation of the resources and also efficient collection of taxes. He added that hike in bus fare has resulted due to differential diesel prices. The bulk purchasers are put into difficulties. He added the price charged on the bulk users and open market diesel price will be equated shortly. Government should offer subsidized diesel to public transport. The ASHA workers and Anganawadi workers should get minimum allocation, he added.

He said the FDI in India will destroy the livelihood of farmers. CM should own the responsibility for putting the farmers into trouble. He said the traditional and orthodox practices like “Pankthi Bedha” and “Made Snana” should be stopped all over the state.
The CITU has extended its support if Udupi Chamber of Commerce if it comes forward to protest against the government move, he added.

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