Varsity council okays revised Kannada textbooks

The academic council of Mangalore University approved the revised Kannada textbooks for all the first year degree courses, at a special meeting held here under the chairmanship of Mangalore University Vice Chancellor Prof T C Shivashankaramurthy, on Saturday.

Speaking on the occasion, he said that 11 textbooks have been prepared by the Kannada Board of Study. About 29 teachers from different colleges have worked in drafting the textbooks. The textbooks have been given the names of well-known poets hailing from the region. The textbooks are ‘Beru Belli’ —Kadengodlu Shankara Bhat (poems and collection of plays), ‘Sobagina Balli’— Muliya Thimmappayya (collection of prose), ‘Kendavare’ —Gopalakrishna Adiga (poems and collection of plays), ‘Surahonne’-Prof S V Parameshwar Bhat, ‘Gilivindu’-M Govinda Pai (poems and collection of plays), ‘Nudivani’ - Kolamba Puttannagowda (collection of prose), ‘Aikyagana’ —Kayyara Kinhanna Rai (poems and collection of plays), ‘Thenkanagali’— Panje Mangesharao (collection of prose), ‘Kaveri’—Bharathisutha (poems and collection of plays), ‘Huthari’- I Ma Muthanna (collection of prose) and ‘Lokadeepa’—Sediyapu Krishna Bhat (poems, prose and collection of plays).

The ‘Prasaranga’ of the University had started publishing Kannada textbooks in 1992. However, after 1992, the publication of textbooks stopped. It was in 2002, the Prasaranga of the university once again started publishing Kannada textbooks for the degree colleges. Accordingly, 10 textbooks were published in 2006, seven in 2007, eight in 2010 and 11 in 2011-12.

Chief Editor of Kannada textbooks Dr Abhaykumar and Member Dr Sathyaranarayana Mallipattana said the editorial board collects best of all forms of literature. In all about 96 poems, 72 essay articles and six plays have been included. Priority has been given to the writers coming under the jurisdiction of Mangalore University.

The Academic Council also gave its nod to sanction additional 10 seats for MSc Chemistry course at St Agnes College, Mangalore with a condition for fulfilling the requirement.
The Local Inspection Committee (LIC) in its report had said that the library does not have adequate books and laboratory facilities needs to be improved to sanction additional 10 seats to the already exisiting 20 seats to the course.

The Council also declined to give nod for extending affiliation for starting BCA course at Government First Grade College, Kushalnagar, during the academic year.

The LIC in its report had said that there was no space in the college to start BCA course during 2013-14. However, an additional section for the BCom degree can be granted. The government had sanctioned extending of the existing building. However, the construction work is yet to begin. Accordingly, the BCA course can be started in the next academic year.

Registrar Dr Yadapadithaya, Registrar (Evaluation) Dr B Narayana and Finance Officer Dr Pakkeerappa were present.

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