Balbhavan turns breeding ground

Balbhavan turns breeding ground

Lack of funds said to be the reason for ill maintenance of premises

Balbhavan turns breeding ground

The Balbhavan at Venkatakrishnaiah Park, Ashok Nagar in the city, where yoga, karate, theatre and other coaching classes are held has become a breeding place for stray animals.

Balbhavan springs into activity during school vacations as several special coaching classes begin along with the regular courses, with children participating enthusiastically.

The Central Library too has opened a centre, where newspapers and books are available.

Even though an echo proof system has been installed at a cost of Rs five lakh, following complaints about faulty acoustics, not many programmes are held here regularly as the auditorium is small in size, said Women and Child Welfare department Deputy Director Vimala.

However, various departments hold their internal programmes here, she said.

The department of Woman and Child Welfare has to maintain the building, it says there is scarcity of funds.

Electricity bills and others are being taken care of, but we need more funds to keep the surroundings clean, she says.

The students from a private school nearby use the park space for having their lunch. Pigs and stray animals feed on spilled food and waste and wander around.