Dressed to the nines

Dressed to the nines

Ice Breaker

Dressed to the nines

The students of Baldwin Girls’ PU College, who recently celebrated their freshers’ day, utilised the opportunity to break the ice with their seniors and get to know their peers and faculty members better.

The freshers’ day programme is a long-standing tradition in the college, and one that each batch celebrates with a lot of fervour. To add to the festivity, the freshers who were participating in the freshers’ contest were given a dress code — not your usual college dictate of avoiding sleeveless tops, but something a lot more fun.

The girls had to wear long anarkalis, which they were asked to pair with pajamas. Their footwear wasn’t matched either; while the girls wore a running shoes on one foot, they had to wear flats on the other. They were asked to do up their hair in three braids, paint their nails in different colours and wear a strange combination of studs and chandelier earrings. The ‘make-up code’ was rather odd too — they had to apply rouge on one cheek and red lipsticks on different sides of their upper and lower lips.

The students put themselves to the task of dressing up with a lot of enthusiasm, going out of their way to come up with ridiculous attire and strange make-up. A total of 15 students entered the competition from different streams and then had to go through five rounds — talent round, catwalk, general knowledge test, judges’ question round and written round. Out of the 15 participants, three were shortlisted for the last round — Varsha Kaveramma, Meghana Sharma and Anupama.

Anupama, who was eventually crowned the winner, says, “The dress code was terrible! In fact, the clothes were quite difficult to wear. But it was great to be crowned the queen and wear a sash, so it wasn’t that bad. I sang a song in the talent round and for the written round, we were asked to write a short piece on how the film industry is impacting children in a negative way.”

The judges for the contest were Ashika and Alfiya, both second PU students, as well as Gracy, a lecturer. Anupama adds that the great thing about the programme was that they got to interact with their seniors. “Everything we did that day was based on what they told us. It was great getting to know them,” she smiles.