IT capital turns into hackers' haven

IT capital turns into hackers' haven

Bangalore, country’s Cyber Capital, seems to be turning into a haven for hackers as well, if one goes by fresh government data.

Bangalore now tops the list recording the highest number of hacking cases — the first among 53 metros which have a population of over 10 lakh.

The City saw a three-time rise in such cases in 2012 compared to the previous year, according to latest ‘Crime in India’ report of National Crime Records Bureau. And if one takes into account 2010 statistics, it is a 15-time rise.

Bangalore has recorded total of 323 hacking cases last year.  Other metros — Hyderabad (38 cases), Delhi (64), Mumbai (1) and Chennai (14).

A total of 1,875 cases of hacking were reported all over the country last year, a jump from 983 in 2011. For the past two years, Bangalore topped this list. In 2011, it had 95 such cases, while it had 23 in 2010.

Cyber experts feel that the City is an “obvious” choice for hackers, whether it is organised ones or state-sponsored players, as it is one of the prominent cyber hubs in the country.

According to Deloitte Senior Director (Enterprise Risk Services) Shree Parthasarathy “a significant local population have computer knowledge and those acquiring it may try it.

There are ‘script kiddies’ who try to apply it, then there is the organised ones and state-sponsored ones. Bangalore has a combination of all these.”

The focus of state-sponsored hackers is not just Bangalore but the whole country, he observed.

Bangalore also has one of the highest numbers of cases of publishing obscene items on the internet, reporting 15 cases behind Jodhpur with 16. Overall, Bangalore topped the list of cyber crimes — 349 followed by Kolkata (84), Delhi (80) and Hyderabad (42).  

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