Amanda Bynes calls the Obamas 'Ugly'

Amanda Bynes calls the Obamas 'Ugly'

Actress Amanda Bynes, who has lately been picking on many Hollywood celebrities on Twitter, most recently attacked the US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama by calling them "ugly".

Bynes wrote out of the blue on the micro-blogging site, "Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are ugly."

But soon her topic was shifted to about her latest nose surgery.

"My broken nose is making the bone under my eyes protrude so I won't stop getting surgery until that bone is shaved off.

"My surgeon broke my nose during my surgery but hasn't finished my nose! It's still broken and I can't breathe," she posted.

The 27-year-old actress has been picking on celebrities on her Twitter randomly.

Her previous targets were Rihanna and the 'Modern Family' actress Sarah Hyland. Hyland's boyfriend Matt Prokop immediately slammed back at Bynes, "Look in a mirror... Stop getting work done. Save what's left,"

On such hate-borne tweets, people raised concerns over Bynes mental stability after which the former Disney actress picked on those who offered to help.

Other than random Twitter-bashing, Bynes has been going gaga over rapper Drake calling him gorgeous.

Recently, the actor also picked on "High School Musical" fame Zac Efron dissing him ugly to which she tweeted, "Someone mocked up the Zac Efron ugly tweet! Zac is stunning and everyone knows that!"

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