TV Talk..

TV Talk..

Surviving in the snow

Catch ‘Eight Below’ on Zee Studio at 9 pm on July 10. Sledge dog trainer Jerry (played by Paul Walker) takes Dr Davis McClaren (portrayed by Bruce Greenwood) on an expedition to the Antarctic. They are forced to leave the polar base in a hurry when a heavy snow storm approaches. Unable to take his dogs with him, Jerry ties them up to be rescued later. Watch the film to see how the dogs survive the six months it takes for Jerry to get back to rescue them. The film also stars Moon Bloodgood, Jason Biggs and Gerard Plunkett.

It’s vampire versus werewolf

In ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’, a series of mysterious murders take place in Seattle, disturbing the peace of the city as a vengeful vampire goes on a rampage. In the middle of it, Bella (played by Kristen Stewart) has to make a choice between Edward (essayed by Robert Pattinson), the vampire she loves and Jacob (portrayed by Taylor Lautner), the werewolf she has befriended. There is bound to be trouble whomsoever she chooses. And then there is her graduation around the corner. Watch the film to see how Bella copes with everything. The movie also stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Billy Burke.


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