Eager to lead the pack

Addressing Problems

Walk into the gates of Jyoti Nivas College and it instantly becomes obvious that it’s student body election time.

Other than the general buzz in the air, there are also the photographs of candidates on notice boards and flyers. Candidates have been going to classes and urging students to vote for them. There was also a confrontation round, where each one spoke about their proposed agenda. Metrolife asks some of the candidates about their plans for the year ahead if they get elected.

Vanhmingliani, who is standing for cultural secretary, says, “I’ve always been into cultural activities and sports and so, this is my way of giving back. What I have noticed is that a lot of information isn’t passed on time. For instance, there have been times when the dance team is told to be ready with a routine only a few hours before taking part in a fest. As the cultural secretary, I want to address the loopholes in communication flow in this college. I also want to get a feedback mechanism in place and get clubs their due recognition.”

For the post of vice-president, Muntaka Pocha is one of the leading candidates. “One thing I’d like to see in this college is more participation, both in classes and extracurricular activities. We have a lot of events but there needs to be excitement created among peers for the same. I want to find out what interests them, ask them why they feel bored in classes and get them to become more active,” she says.

Finances are just as important as running the show and Lavanya Iyer, who is standing for the treasurer’s position, has her fingers crossed to win and make a difference. “When I met the student union members last year as class rep, I realised that the main problem they face during fests is sponsorship, which is something I want to improve. I also want to create awareness among students that the college reimburses them for expenses incurred during fest participation. Other than these, I also want to create a strong link between the union and the students they are serving,” notes Lavanya.

Rochelle Maryann Stephens, who is standing for the post of president, admits that the competition is strong. But having been the cultural secretary and ‘Best Outgoing Student from Arts’ in the past, she is confident that she will win. “There’s a lot of competition from all three streams. The confrontation was fun, even though it was nerve-wracking going up and speaking in front of everybody. But this college has given me a platform to explore my abilities and this is my way of giving back to it. I’ve wanted to be the president since my first day of PUC,” she shares.

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