Nature's workshop

In a world populated by over seven billion people, no two persons are alike.

Giraffes deliver standing. The newborn falls to the ground with a thud at least from a height of not less than 8 ft., sufficient to result in fracture of the limb, of even an adult human being, were he/she to fall from that height.

Unsteady for a few seconds, the newborn gains balance quickly and stands firmly on its four legs and starts walking normally. It is very interesting to see how the birds and reptiles break their strong eggshells to begin their independent journey of life. They come to know immediately on arrival, who their predators are and instinctively act to ward off the dangers to which they may get exposed. Who taught them the survival instincts?

A tiny seed has the potentiality to grow into a tree of monstrous proportions, which in turn has the potential to produce millions of such seeds. To whom do you ascribe such bewildering commonplace events? Of course, to Nature.

Let us take a brief look of the marvels of nature in respect of the humans, the most complex and complicated creations on this planet. A man and a woman are expecting their offspring. What role does man play in the ‘manufacturing process?’ He contributes just a viable sperm, to fertilise the egg that her anatomy produced. His role ended with this. Immediately after conception, Nature sets up a workshop inside the lady’s anatomy. This workshop is extraordinary in more than one sense.
Manned (?) by an unknown power, it metamorphoses a single celled fertilised egg, an indistinguishable, shapeless dot, into a multi trillion-celled well-structured chubby baby, over a period of about 270 days. The astounding thing is that the work is done ever so silently that not even the mother, in whose belly all these activities take place does hear any sound. The human body is a virtual mini electro-chemical factory. See the extraordinary variety of sculpting. In a world populated by over seven billion people, no two persons are alike in terms of physical, physiognomic features and also in terms of complexion and intellectual and emotional endowments. The most complex and marvelous organ in the human system is the brain. Weighing just 1.6 kg, it has100 billion electrically active neurons.

Nature never does anything in haste. The baby is adequately taken care of by the mother as long as it is in her womb. Before dispatching the baby to the hostile world outside, Nature ensures that the baby is fully equipped to lead an independent life, after coming out from the sheltered environment of the womb. Nature makes necessary physiological changes in the mother to provide easily digestible food for the newborn. The baby just a few hours old into this world also knows already where its next meal is and how to access it. It has also been taught how to survive in an atmosphere, uncongenial to it. It shrieks and calls for attention at the slightest physical discomfort, uneasiness or sickness.

The Nature factory, like any other, sometimes sends to this world, highly defective products like mentally retarded children or children suffering from spastic/, Down’s, Syndrome/, autoimmune diseases etc. We have no answers as to why the factory, so perfect in the mass production, makes such terrible mistakes in certain exceptional cases.

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