Police station in Jaipur adopts girl child


Police station in Jaipur adopts girl child

In an act of compassion, a police station in Jaipur has adopted a girl child, Muskan, who was two years old when her mother left her. Muskan’s mother was forced to leave after being fed up of the torture meted out by an alcoholic husband, Rakesh.   

Muskan’s father has virtually no relations with the family ever since. She was looked after by her impoverished grandparents who made a living by making paper bags. Muskan lives at the Topkhana area under Kotwali police station limits. Once the Kotwali police became aware of her condition and of the family, they decided to adopt the girl child.

The police station is bearing all the expenses, including that of her education, for the last two years. Muskan is now 10 years old. 

The police station ensures that she gets the best of clothes, toys and food. She is known as the “daughter” of the Kotwali police station.

The turning point in Muskan’s life came when the beat constable, Trilok Singh, visited her home under the public grievance redressal campaign programme launched by the police station in 2011. 

After ascertaining the situation, Singh discussed the issue with his colleagues and SHO Pushpendra Singh Rathore. 

Muskan continues to live with her grandparents. But there is nothing to worry.  The police are there to help her at every step. She is a class 5 student of the girls school at Kaylanji ki Rasthe.

Considering her poor financial condition, the school had granted a 50% fee concession. But now the police are paying the full fee. Also, the principal says she is a brilliant student.
Kotwali police station has a staff strength of 75, and about 40 of them have been transferred since, but they have not failed on their promise.

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