If it's a matter of heart...

If it's a matter of heart...

Dating tips

The most moderate looking to the most beautiful looking people have had problems dealing with it. Matters of the heart are something which have to be dealt with a lot of care. When love blooms in your heart, the mind tends to slow down a bit and the most simplest thing also turns out to be the most toughest thing sometimes.

Here are some dating tips for the love-soaked hearts by counsellor Shwetha Rao.

*To begin with, be yourself. Get a new look, but do make sure to look good if you are going for a makeover. Pay importance to your diet and stay fit. Look neat and tidy.

*Pamper yourself by going on a shopping spree. Buy clothes which look good on you, don’t go by others’ opinions. Buy new clothes.

*Some basic manners will have to be kept in mind, so start putting them to use just in case if you are not practising them.

*Be honest in whatever you speak. No matter how big or small the issue, tell things as they are supposed to be told.

*Be clear about you goals in life, your future plans should be chalked out well.

Usually this question will pop up sometime or the other in the conversation. This will help your partner in judging you through this question.

*Remember not to keep talking too much about yourself alone as you may end up boring the other person and at the same time you will not be giving a chance to the other person to speak.

*Respect the interests and liking of the other person and never boo them down with regard to anything.

*Don’t make too much of a fuss. Keep check on the kind of language you use and pick the best words while you speak.