Notices issued to manufacturers of packing materials

Notices issued to manufacturers of packing materials

Cooperation of companies sought for suitable waste disposal

Notices issued to manufacturers of packing materials

Noting the hazardous nature of multi-layered packing materials, the District Magistrate has issued notices to six manufacturers of packing materials. The material has been a big problem for waste disposal in Mysore city, as the material is non-biodegradable.

The notice, as per Producers Extended Responsibility (PER) clause of Plastic Waste Management and Handling Rules, 2011, has sought cooperation from the manufacturers with municipalities for establishment of collection centre and technological assistance for suitable disposal of the hazardous material.

Six agencies which manufacture the material, including MTR, PepsiCo, ITC and Nestle, have been served the notice.

Lok Adalat member, A N Yellappa Reddy said that multi-layered plastic was highly hazardous, as it contains aluminium and nickel. Environmental pollution by the material is compounded when the material is burnt, he said.

Chocolate wrappers

The material is used for packing branded potato chips, snacks and also in the form of wrappers for chocolates and chewing gums.

“Either the companies should take back the material or use an environmental friendly material for packing. They should also give some incentives to rag pickers and waste dealers for collecting the material, disposed in the open,” he said.

Environmental officer of Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, P Niranjan said that problems of disposing multi-layered packing material was raised in Mysore City Corporation itself, as “heaps” of the material was stored in waste management centres in the city.

“We have sought the companies to provide technologies to dispose the waste. Though the material is suitable for recycling, there are no recycling units in Mysore,” he said. The companies also have the responsibility of establishing collection centres. Assuming that the companies respond to the notice, it is expected to play a major role in handling the waste disposal problems of the city.