Diet food at the doorstep

Diet food at the doorstep

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Diet food at the doorstep

Health-conscious Bangaloreans are beginning to explore the option of getting diet food delivered directly to their homes. This is a great option for those who are watching their weight, since following a diet can pose the challenge of making specific dishes in a particular quantity.

Radiologist Dr Sankara Guha Dwarkanath B, who avails this facility, says that it is convenient since diet food is just a phone call away. “Going and fetching the ingredients or even getting the cook to follow measurements precisely is quite difficult. This way, I am assured that there is no excess calorie count,” he says.
Rajesh Revanna Siddaiah, who has recently opted for this too, feels that he does not have to worry about getting adequate nutrition levels. “Since all the ingredients are measured and calculated according to the body requirements, I have found that my weight loss has been according to plan. It would have been really difficult if I had to do it myself,” he says, adding, “plus, since the food is hygienic, I don’t have to worry about it. It’s like a headache that’s gone.”  

Radha Gaba, who avails this service says that now her meals are completely balanced. “I don’t have to worry about the oil and salt content. Generally, when food is prepared at home, there is a tendency to add extra of these to make it tasty. Plus I also find that there is a lot of variety, so even if it is diet food, it is not repetitive. There is nothing better than receiving health food from a dietitian delivered to your table,”she says. “Since I tend to be an emotional eater, this has really helped me curb binging tendencies,” she adds.

 Ashwini Sukumar, a nutritionist who has recently started delivering diet meals, says that these meals are tailor-made to ensure that there is weight loss. “When a person cooks at home, it is difficult to control the amount of oil that goes into a dish. Also, when only one person in a family is on a diet, the tendency is to take a second helping. However, in this case, their meals are sent and they just have to eat out of the box,” she explains. “It is a balanced diet since it is tailor-made. The diet meals include a high protein content,” she adds. On the boxes, the number of calories the food items contain is mentioned.

One can opt for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even mid-day meals. There is much variety, which includes mixed legume patty, daal dosa, stir-fry vegetables, grilled fish and egg-white omelette among others.

Sonia Mahanti, who delivers diet food in and around Indiranagar, says that these days most people are very health conscious. “People today are conscious as compared to a few years ago. Even for regular meals they ask for less spice and oil. Most of them ask for whole-wheat chapati. They want a combination of nutritious food along with good taste,” she says, adding that the options in a diet meal include daal, red beans, sprouts, mixed vegetables, salad with fruits, khichdi and dry sabji. Sometimes, the meals include an only-carb or only-protein diet.