'I want everyone to win as an Indian'

Proud sportsman

'I want everyone to win as an Indian'

The skipper of the Indian football squad, Sunil Chhetri, is not only optimistic about the attention that the sports sector in India is getting but also pleasantly surprised to see that more people are taking up sports other than cricket.

Back from a two-week break, he is all set to get things going for himself. He has been playing for a popular Portuguese football club for a few years now, but admits that he isn’t happy with his experience because he feels he didn’t get enough playing time. He says that despite being disappointed he is not ready to let go of an opportunity like this. In fact he desires to make an effort to talk to them.

“I just had a good two-week break with my parents and I am all set to prepare for the next season. I am getting some great offers, but I still have to go back to Portugal and have a talk with them as my term there is almost about to end.
Depending on what happens there – whether positive or negative – I will come back here. If things don’t work out well and I feel that I am not getting what I deserve in terms of playing time, I might come back to India.”

“I am not 19 anymore, I don’t deserve to sit on the benches. The last six months that I was in Portugal, I have played only six games. It wasn’t good enough for me. I started sulking, which is not good for my game. It’s not the money or the club, it’s the game that matters the most to me,” he adds.

The footballer encourages sports enthusiasts in the country to take up what they wish to and excel in their chosen field. He says that all sportsmen play for their country and India should excel in all kinds of sports. “I would advise the kids to take up anything they want, whether it is cricket, football or anything else. The shift from cricket to other sports is visible. I am quite proud of the fact that we are world champions in cricket. Yet I feel that all sports should flourish in the country. I want everyone to win as an Indian. We have enough talent for different sports in the country,” signs off Sunil.

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