'Expect the unexpected'

'Expect the unexpected'

After a gap of two years, the ‘Love Guru’ is back with a bang. On Friday, director Prashanth Raj’s ‘Whistle’ was released across the country — something that not many Kannada movies can brag about. “We have simultaneously released ‘Whistle’ in Satyam Cinema in Chennai and in several other multiplexes across the country. I am happy that we are going to release the film on such a grand scale. I hope the trend continues and is encouraged by film lovers,” he says.

The excited director tells Metrolife that a remake was the last thing he wanted to attempt. But that was before he watched the Tamil film ‘Pizza’. So charmed was Prashanth by the love thriller that he decided to retell its story in his own style. “I was offered to direct a lot of remakes after my film ‘Love Guru’ but I did not take any up.

Now, I have to admit that I have simply been driven crazy by ‘Pizza’. It will be a trendsetter. And I have given the story my own touch with really good narration, dialogues and other technicalities,” says Prashanth.

The movie stars Chiranjeevi Sarja and Pranita in the lead. And for both Chiranjeevi and Prashanth, it was a long-time desire to work together. “We always expressed our wish to work together but the script never fell into place. When I went to him with ‘Whistle’, he loved it and I am glad he got on board,” says Prashanth. He goes on to add that in this film, Chiranjeevi will be seen in a completely different look. “Chiru makes for a classy hero, who appeals to the masses as well. That’s the best part about having chocolate-boy looks with a macho edge. For Pranita, this movie will take her to a different level as it will give her the scope to showcase her acting talent rather than just play a glam doll,” he adds.

Ask about the on-screen chemistry between Pranita and Chiranjeevi, and Prashanth says that this is a pair to watch out for. “Both the hero and heroine spent 30 days in a workshop. It was necessary because this film is a love thriller and not a horror show.

The body language of the artistes had to be moulded such that it didn’t end up looking comic on screen. Though initially there was a little discomfort, as the workshop progressed, they got along fabulously and that can be seen on screen as well,” he adds.

Prashanth also says that there will be a surprise awaiting the audience at the theatres. “I want to tell the audience to expect the unexpected through ‘Whistle’,” he signs off.

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