A distinct flavour in every dish

Old Recipes

A distinct flavour in every dish

Hotel Vijay Vihar’ on Avenue Road is a family business that’s been passed down for three generations.

The restaurant, which was opened in 1979 by Mangaloreans who moved to the City, is known for its South Indian Udupi style food and décor. 

“The most popular items are our dosa, rava idli and filter coffee. The flavour of the food has not changed over the years and we use homemade recipes that we have grown up with. That consistency is why we are surviving today,” says Radhakrishna, whose father started the joint.

He points out that the only difference is the prices, which have been increased over the years owing to market conditions.

 “Back then, the idlis cost 20 paise per piece, whereas it costs Rs 12 now. The coffee, which came for 40 paise then, comes for Rs 18 today,” he adds. The food is not only filling and easy on the wallet but extremely flavourful too.

The speciality is South Karnataka-style food and people can treat themselves to puri sagoo for Rs 35, special vangi bath for Rs 25 or even the uddin vada for Rs 20 among other things.

There is also Punjabi and Chinese food available, informs the co-owner. “The daal, paneer butter masala, koftas and North Indian thaali are fast-moving items during lunch and dinner. We offer but don’t focus on sweets because there are other places nearby that specialise in that,” he shares.

With a 45-member team running the place, the eatery, which can accommodate up to 180 customers at a time, is almost always brimming with customers.

Radhakrishna notes that while the crowd is of a floating nature and regulars are few, ladies who visit the locality to buy silk saris or jewellery always end up eating there. Families also frequent the place and there is a separate section of the restaurant with the board ‘Families Only’ for them.

If one happens to be passing by and there’s not too much time at hand, it’s worth stepping in just for a cup of filter coffee.

“We bring the coffee beans and roast and powder them here itself. That’s where the freshness comes from,” explains Radhakrishna.

‘Hotel Vijay Vihar’ is located at 234, Garudachar Complex, BVK Iyengar Road, Chikpet (near Sudarshan Silks) and is open from 8.30 am to 9 pm. For details, call 22879764.

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