Medical woman

Anandi Gopal Joshi was the first Indian woman to obtain a medical degree through training in Western medicine. Anandibai was born as Yamuna in Pune (Maharashtra ) in an orthodox wealthy family. At her age 9, she was married by her family to Gopalrao Joshi, who was a widower and almost twenty years her senior. After the marriage, the husband renamed Yamuna as Anandi.

 Gopalrao worked as a postal clerk in Kalyan. Later, he was transferred to Alibag, and finally to Calcutta. He was a progressive thinker, and supported the education of women, which was not very prevalent in India in his times. Noticing Anandibai's interest in acquiring education, he helped her receive education and learn English.

At age of 14, Anandibai gave birth to a boy. But the child survived only ten days because of non-availability of needed medical care. This situation proved a turning point in Anandibai's life, and inspired her to become a physician. Gopalrao encouraged his wife to study medicine. In 1886 she became the first women from India to be trained in Western medicine.

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