Vidya Balan cheers for differently-abled children

Vidya Balan cheers for differently-abled children

Actress Vidya Balan left spellbound to see a dance-performance by children suffering from cerebral palsy during a charity event here.

"Please forget everything else about us. Today we are before you only as dancers," said a kid from Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy (IICP) before starting the performance.

As the children started swinging their hands to the tune of the inspirational song 'Aashayein', the entire audience including Balan were left mesmerised.

"It really touched my heart," said the 'Kahaani' star, who was here for a fund-raiser organised by the Bengal Chamber of Commerce to help children with disabilities.
A congenital disorder, cerebral palsy causes physical disability in human development in various areas of body movement.

Balan, 35, who had donned the role of a brave mother in 'Paa'- a film based on a rare genetic condition progeria, said she does not think of herself as a social activist after putting her weight behind various women and children issues.

"I don't think I see myself as an activist at all. I am an actor first and the more I focus on my acting the more I can leverage attention on issues," she said.

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