Thanks to callous tourists, commute via BRT has become a nightmare

Mishaps galore due to sudden appearance of monkeys on roads

Thanks to callous tourists, commute via BRT has become a nightmare

Groups of monkeys scaring the wits out of two-wheeler commuters by pouncing on them for want of food is a common scene for those who travel via Biligiri Ranganabetta (B R Hills). Though there are umpteen number of wild animals that can be spotted on the stretch that come out of dense forests on to the roads, it is the monkeys that are visible throughout the stretch.

Sometimes, gangs of these rogue monkeys even attempt to block the way, forcing the vehicles to stop.

The monkeys which are usually in groups, pounce upon the vehicles for want of food and also make it difficult for the vehicle to move forward.

Fearing attack, tourists throw whatever food, snacks and fruits that are available to get rid of them.

As a result, the whole stretch is scattered with food items, fruits, plastic covers which is not only an eyesore, but is also violating wildlife rules. Moreover, the travellers also throw leftover food, fruits, bakery items, attracting deer, monkeys, wild boars and other animals to the roads, putting both the vehicle users and wild animals in danger.

Majority of the mishaps on the route is due to sudden appearance of a gang of monkeys near the curves.

There are many boards enroute declaring that no food should be discarded or fed to wild animals.

But this has not stopped callous tourists to dump or feed food to animals. The deers, goats and monkeys which should be used to fresh green grass and leaves now seem to prefer to feed on rotten fruits and cooked food.

The forest department in an attempt to make it an eco-friendly zone had banned throwing plastic covers with junk food, which had controlled the menace to an extent.

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