The best way to break the ice

If there’s one thing that the students of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management know how to do, it’s welcoming their juniors in style.

Recently, they conducted a two-day event called ‘Freshers 2013’, with the sole purpose of introducing the new batch to the ways of the college.

On the first day, the event kick-started with ‘Ice Breaker’, during which the junior and senior batches came together in the college amphitheatre.

The extracurricular committee of the college introduced the theme ‘We take fun seriously’, which was explored to the fullest on the occasion.

There was a ramp-walk and a blast from the past, as the boys showcased their inner femininity dancing to Tip Tip Barsa Pani, while the girls shook a leg to Veeru from Sholay. Over the course of the day, the batches spent a lot of time interacting with each other.
On the second day, the most anticipated event was the freshers’ party, news of which spread like wildfire among the junior batch.

Even before the party was officially announced, the first-years were shopping for the perfect outfit.

To break the ice, the juniors were encouraged to ask a senior out on a date for the event.
The party was held at Lord Plaza and both batches turned up dressed in their best. Music was provided by DJ Shubh and the students lost no time in getting on to the dance floor.
For the first years, it was a dramatic introduction to college life.

Krithika Dayalan, from the junior batch, says, “We learnt to work hard and party harder. It was also a great platform to get to know our batchmates and seniors.”

The seniors, who put a lot of effort into organising the event, were thrilled with the outcome.

“Through this two-day event, we intended to encourage more interaction between the students of both batches. Our initiative has worked well. The purpose of having events on and off campus was to ensure that the students share a good rappo­rt with their college mates on all fronts,” says Amanjot Bab­rah, one of the organisers.

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