Nazarbad police to check crime within limits


In order to establish a people-friendly relationship which could be helpful in checking crime rate, the Nazarbad Station police, have launched an anti-crime drive in the city.

Yasmeen Taj, Sub-Inspector of the station told Deccan Herald that, in the wake of increased chain snatching and burglary in city, people tended to lose trust in the police department.

However, such campaigns could re-establish the trust, she added. During the campaign, people are made aware about the precautionary measures to be taken. “Prevention is better than detection.

This way victims of crime will also feel comfortable in approaching the department seeking justice. Only when the citizens have a good opinion of the police station in their area, will a harmonious relationship between the two can prevail,” she added.


The team has been visiting localities, gathering residents, and interacting with them about the problems prevailing with regard to crime activities, all along making them aware of the measures to be taken in order to prevent them.

The cops also distribute pamphlets to residents to educate them about the minimum and common steps to be taken by them. 

She said that while thinking about being innovative about steps to prevent crime, she was struck by the drive, and got a nod for the same from her higher -ups.

So far the drive, which was launched last week has been conducted in JSS Layout and KC Layout and would be extended to Nandini Layout and other localities of the station limits.

The handbills comprises general instructions to people, including avoiding big hanging locks to doors and compounds, keeping jewellery, cash and other valuable items in bank lockers and to inform police about the long vacations.

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