A celebration of vintage beauties

A celebration of vintage beauties

The ‘International Jawa Yezdi CZ Day’, held recently at the Hombegowda School Grounds, was a great success. It was attended by owners of these bikes, who came from across the City. Bike lovers were in for a treat as they had the opportunity to check out bikes that were up to 70 years old.

John Samuel, one of the founder members of the ‘Bangalore Jawa Yezdi’ motorcycle club, was happy with the response. “It is a meeting of like-minded people who own the same bikes. It was a gathering of friends and we had bikes that had been made in 1937. We also had a 1947 Jawa Parak. Other bikes, which have been imported from different countries, were also there,” he informs.

“We started the club in 2006 and meet often to discuss our trips. Some very old bikes were a part of the meet this time. It was nice to see that so many people took an interest,” he adds.

An international event, it is celebrated all over the world on the second Sunday of July. John explains that people in different countries celebrate the programme in different ways.

Nandini, a visitor, says that she was thrilled to see the collection of vintage bikes. “This is the first time I have seen so many vintage bikes in one place. I wish I owned one. It is great to see that the owners of the bikes have maintained them so well. Some of these bikes are really old,” she notes.

The owners of the bikes proudly displayed them at the meet as visitors admired and even took pictures with them. Some could also be seen sitting on the bikes and enquiring about their history.

Amit, a founder member of the club, says that there were people who had lined up on the road to see the bikes.

“We got a great response from members as well as visitors. I have been riding my bike since 1967. When Jawa came to the market, it was unique. I liked it and have been riding the same product since then,” he says.

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