Jade Goody's story to be made into opera

Jade Goody's story to be made into opera

Reality TV star Jade Goody's tragic life is to be made into a highbrow opera.

Playwright Afsaneh Gray, who is helming the project, said she took three years writing the piece, which charts Goody's rise from an unknown to her death in 2009, reported Daily Star.

"Everyone has an opinion about her. The two women I was working with were coming in every day with a magazine and they really took opposing ideas of her. One was like: 'Poor Jade. She's a mother of two and she's dying of cancer'. 'The other was like: 'She's a racist, she deserves everything she gets'," she said.

Gray was inspired to write the story after working as a medical secretary when Goody first became ill with cervical cancer.

She is trying to get in touch with the 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestant's family to invite them to the show.

"The fairytale narrative is that there's this girl who always looks up to the heavens and dreams of being a star. The final conceit is she becomes a star, but it's not what she wanted. I think it's moving," Gray added.

The show will hit theatres this summer.

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