26 hours at the nets, no kidding!

Alby Shale, a 22-year-old from Oxfordshire in southern England, batted for 26 consecutive hours in a bid to break the world record for the longest individual cricket net.

Shale is now waiting for the Guinness World Records to go through the documentation and confirm the landmark. The previous batting record of 25 hours was set by Australian batsman Jade Child in October 2012. 

Shale began his marathon stand in the indoor nets of the Oval Cricket ground at 5.45 am (GMT) on Monday and finally declared his innings at 7.45 am on Tuesday.

The attempt was in aid of the Rwanda Cricket Stadium Foundation – a charity set up to build the first proper cricket ground in the African country.

“At the final ball he just sort of collapsed into a heap and everyone piled in on top of him,” a spokesman for the attempt told AFP.

“Someone sprayed a bottle of champagne all over the place.”

Shale faced around 200 bowlers in his spell at the crease – including Prime Minister David Cameron, who turned up for a few overs.

The rules set down by the Guinness committee allowed only a five-minute break for every full hour completed – to refuel and go to the toilet.

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