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TV Talk

Afflicted by an odd condition

Unbreakable’ airs on Zee Studio at 9 pm on July 18. This suspense thriller unfolds as the audience is introduced to David Dunn. Not only is he the sole survivor of a horrific train-crash that killed 131 people — he doesn’t have a scratch on him. Elijah Price is an obscure character who approaches Dunn with a seemingly far-fetched theory behind it all. Watch the film to find out what this is. It stars Bruce Willis, Samuel L Jackson, Robin Wright Penn, Spencer Treat Clark and Charlayne Woodard.

Two friends on different paths

The Wooden Camera’ is set in the small town of Khayelitsha and is all about the friendship between two Afro-American 14-year-old boys — Madiba (played by
Junior Singo) and Sipho (portrayed by Innocent Msimango). They find a dead body near the railway tracks and take a gun and video camera off it. Sipho takes the gun and becomes a thief while Madiba takes the camera, places it in his toy wooden one and shoots all the scenes around him. Catch the film on UTV World Movies at 9.41 pm on July 18.

Moves on the dance floor

ABCD — Any Body Can Dance’ stars Prabhu Deva, Ganesh Acharya, Kay Kay Menon, Lauren Gottlieb and Dharmesh Yelande.

When Prabhu — widely regarded as India’s best dancer — is thrown out from the dance academy he himself set up, he decides to take up the biggest challenge of his life and takes a group of talented but untrained dancers from Mumbai under his wing.

He helps them overcome their inhibitions, personal rivalries, their past demons and tries to turns them into India’s best dance squad. Will he succeed? Catch the film on UTV Movies at 8 pm on July 18 to find out.

A tale of pure romance

In ‘A Cinderella Story’, Sam Montgomery (played by Hilary Duff) lives in San
Fernando Valley with her evil stepmother Fiona (essayed by Jennifer Coolidge) and her daughters. Fiona runs a diner, where Sam works all the time. Keen to have a
wonderful life, Sam is thrilled to find her Prince Charming on the internet. He is Austin Ames (portrayed by Chad Michael Murray). Soon, they make an appointment to meet at the high school Halloween party at 11 pm. The trouble is that Sam has to get back to the diner at 12 midnight. Will this also end happily like the fairy tale? Watch the film to find out what happens to the modern-day Cinderella. It airs on WB at 9.08 am on July 18.

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