A picture of zeal and enthusiasm

New Surroundings

The campus of SJR College for Women (SJRCW) was bustling with energy recently with the entry of the new batch of first-year degree students.

The girls, who were excited and nervous, are looking forward to three years of togetherness. They are convinced that they’ve made the right choice and plan to make this one of the most memorable phases of their lives.

While some students may have opted to study at SJRCW because of their choice
of subject, others have gone there on their family’s recommendation of the college
to them. Deepika Jangid, a student of psychology, belongs to the first group.

 “I love studying human nature. With this degree, I should be able to help people and understand their issues,” she says. Deepika’s parents feel comfortable that she’s in a secure place and they appreciate the education standards of the college. “I’m looking forward to the many cultural activities at college,” she adds.

Priyanka S, a BCA student, has been interested in computers since childhood and wants to be a software engineer.

“As women, we need a secure future and a safe place to study. This college satisfies those needs. I did my PU in a women’s college and am convinced that it’ll be a wonderful experience here.

Education and overall development is important for women, and this college aims to attain that to the maximum,” says Priyanka.

Sharada, a first-year BCom student, who wishes to join the banking sector, joined the college as her parents were convinced that this was the best option for her.

“The college concentrates not just on studies but also extracurricular activities,” says
Sharada. She states that school life is the best and nothing can beat that but she’s looking forward to interacting with the teachers on campus.

“I’ve heard that we have dependable teachers here, who we can rush to for any need. I feel comfortable because of that,” she adds.

Often, students also join a college because of their prior experience with the campus. Ranjitha, a BSc, computer science student, did her PU in the same college and loves the atmosphere at SJRCW. “In a world of gender play, I’m glad that I’ve got another chance to explore opportunities and excel. I’ve had a lot of fun during my PU years here and I’m looking forward to making new friends,” says Ranjitha.

Some join a particular college because of the different features on campus. Vinutha, a student of BA(HEP), chose the college as her sister also studied at SJRCW. “Being a women’s college, the avenues are many for the students here. With the library and the many cultural activities at the college, it’s the perfect place to study,” she vouches.

Tejaswini HM, the principal of SJRCW, says, “Every fresh batch brings in fresh
energy and has something unique about it. This year, we have many students who have
excelled in academics and extracurricular activities, so we’re expecting a great year ahead.”

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