Dad's day

‘Father’s day!’ proclaimed a big ad in the newspaper, celebrating the one just gone by. “Bring your dad along and avail 10 per cent off on all suiting”, said one. “Try our new multi-cuisine restaurant along with your dad” urged another. Social networking sites were inundated by status messages and photographs. Newspapers and magazines carried special supplements and pages. Celebrities and their progeny were photographed together with smiles and hunky-dory expressions. “My daddy strongest and best” rang out from everywhere.

A few years ago, all these were unheard of. Fathers were meant to dole out pocket money with strict instructions on spending the same. They were the silent, yet strong types who did not reveal their feelings and emotions except, maybe, their anger and disapproval. Children, especially girls would never think of clinging onto daddy’s arms except in movies. They eyed him with trepidation and waited for him to leave quickly from the house so that mom could be cajoled into listening to their demands.

Of course, the ‘movie-daddy’ was a class in himself. He was generally a rich widower who doted on his not-so-little girl. She threw tantrums, went horse riding and spent daddy’s cash. Dad smiled on indulgently and saw red only when the apple of his eye fell in love, obviously a not-so-rich guy. He would then turn into a villain, only to be brought to his senses by the golden hearted hero who would convince him that money is not the be-all in life. Daddy would hand over his precious daughter and cry tears of remorse and love.

Fathers of males, would either be the weak and downtrodden elements who would be instrumental in making his son a hero by taking on those who plotted against daddy. Or, the villainous types encouraging their sons to carry on their evil legacy.

It would be interesting to note that many inspire their children in an inverse way too. For instance, there are many children who learn from their father’s mistake and vow to never repeat it in their lives. An abusive father, a drunkard father or an irresponsible one is not difficult to find but our culture demands that fathers be venerated as God, irrespective of their faults and defects.

If not possessing Godly virtues, children want at least a humane father who can be proudly addressed as one.

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