An unusual launch

An unusual launch


Shreekumar Varma

This book launch was an unusual and an interesting one for it was clubbed with a magic show. The show perfectly complimented the book that was filled with delightful stories and magical tales woven around the weird and wonderful happenings and people in general.
That’s what the kids and their parents who accompanied them got to see at Reliance Timeout where  Shreekumar Varmas book, The Magic Store of Nu-Cham-Vu was launched.

Bringing back the wonder and fantasy of childhood which is fast losing its appeal in a fast-paced technology driven environment Varma takes his readers into a strange and wonderful world filled with rich imagery and delightful impossibilities. “I was asked to write a weird story for children when I was in Scotland and apparently children today enjoy dark fiction or stories that are edgy and unpredictable. I also enjoy writing for children more because I can really let myself go and create a fantasy world many of us would like to share and be a part of,” he says.

Children at the launch. Dh photo by Janardhan B K The book is based on the happenings in the magic store of Nu-Cham-Vu, located in Anchan Bay, a seaside village somewhere on the planet.

It is filled with strange and unusual things to eat, right out of a dietician nightmare like chocolate cakes made with potatoes and cream or beetroot ice cream topped with chilly jam. It also sells toys like truthful toybirds and flutes that can sense the seasons, live translating dolls and pineapple coloured rain.

The owner of all largess is Nu-Cham-Vu, who is not as benevolent as he sounds. Although no money changes hands in his store and only children can shop there, he gets a special thrill tormenting the parents and teasing the children  who cannot resist his fantastic wares.

Nu-Cham-Vu also looks amazingly different. He’s shaped like an oil barrel, with misshapen ears and features but he nonetheless holds his young clientele in awe.

The launch was followed by a magic show by the well-known performer Indushree who involved the children, in the audience, in a highly interactive session.

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