Aroma of fresh biryani

Aroma of fresh biryani

Street Smart

The regulars enjoying their meal.

Biryani Paradise on Commercial Street is quite popular not just with shoppers but many others who come here just to savour the aromatic biryani. Quraishi Naseerudin is an electronic engineer by profession but his love for food, especially biryani, resulted in the opening of Biryani Paradise. It came into being in 1989 and there has been no looking back for him ever since.

Most people who go shopping on Commercial Street do not return home without having either lunch or dinner at the Biryani Paradise. The place is known for its chicken and mutton biryani and the different kinds of kebabs. The varieties of boneless kebabs are chicken hyderabadi, pepper chicken, punjabi chicken, lemon chicken. Chicken kebab and lemon chicken are the fast moving items.

The biryani here is fresh and cooked in batches, unlike other places where it is usually cooked in the morning and served to the customers till evening. Four batches of biryani are cooked, the batches are decided according to the flow of customers.

Another interesting fact about this place is the staff, who were appointed 20 years ago, are working here even today. 

The akhni (masala) for the biryani is prepared in the morning with great care as it plays a major role in getting the right taste.

The biryani is served along with bhaigan masala or brinjal khatta, raitha and also a complimentary sweet, which is gajar sweet or muzaffar (rice pudding).

Chicken Kebabs are a rage. DH photos by Vishwanath Suverna The place also offers outdoor catering. But it is usually only for small parties and small gatherings. Jeshta, a customer says, “I used to come here from the time I was a small boy along with my mother who used to come shopping. I used to hate
coming with her to Commercial Street as she would go to all the clothes shop. I would accompany her only if she would promise to take me to Biryani Paradise. I like the mutton biryani here along with the chicken chops.” During weekends, fish is also available.

The chilly fish and the manchurian fish, both dry and boneless, are favourites of many people.

Namrata, another customer, says, “I have been coming here for a long time and I simply love the food here.”