'Special ok, item yake?'

'Special ok, item yake?'

Glam Factor

'Special ok, item yake?'

Ragini and Vijay Raghavendra in Gokula.

Heroines making special appearances in movies are passe. This time round it’s all about starring in just one song and what’s more they make it very clear, it is not an item number.

Preity Zinta, who shook a leg in Main Aurr Mrs Khanna, made it very clear that it was just a ‘special song’.

 Nevertheless, such numbers have always been popular in Kannada films where an item girl or heroine from another State dances to peppy tunes.

Of late, the trend seems to have changed, with our glamourous Sandalwood heroines starring in one song at least, if not the entire movie.

Soon-to-be released Gokula has a special club number, which features model-turned-actress Ragini Dwivedi in it. She rubbishes rumours of her appearance in the film as being an ‘item number’. “There are more than enough women in the industry who specially do item numbers and I don’t feel actresses should be degraded by being slotted like that. The only reason I agreed to do this song was because a reputed director like Prakash had called me and told me that no one else would be able to carry off the song other than me,” she says. Rekha

Even the Hudugaata

Hudugi, Rekha agrees that a lot depends on the production house that calls for such songs and the importance of the appearance matters. “I do such appearances as favours for friends,” she says. Rekha was last seen in a special song in Yogi, Appu Fan.
Gaalipata’s bubbly girl Neetu, was recently seen in a special song Paro in Yograj Bhat’s Manasaare and says that she had a blast shooting for the song especially since the team was so familiar. “It was something different and funky so I jumped at it. Moreover, I knew the team since Gaalipata and through this song I got to know Yograj sir a lot more,” says Neetu.

Definitely, there is no doubt that our Sandalwood heroines sure know how to bring their glam factor into the films.