Wise people learn from mistakes of others: Ramesh Kumar

Ramesh Kumar defends formation of coordination committee

Wise people learn from mistakes of others: Ramesh Kumar

Senior Congress leader Ramesh Kumar on Friday defended the move to set up a coordination committee in the State, saying the party wants to ensure discipline in running the government.

“We want to regulate ourselves. The decision was taken based on past experiences. We have seen what happened in the last five years. Wise people learn from others' experiences. Ultimately, people will decide what is right and what is wrong,” he said during the budget discussion in the Legislative Assembly.

He also defended Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on his strong criticism of the previous BJP governments on alleged mismanagement of the State finances. The total liability of the government has doubled since 2006-07, the outstanding dues to electricity supply companies has increased to Rs 95,531 crore from Rs 2,595 crore, and funds available under MGNREGA had remained unspent, he charged.

“How can anybody call this good governance? Somewhere you have failed to manage the treasury. Siddaramaiah has only stated the facts about the state of finances,” he added.

Cautions govt

Kumar, who is known for his oratory skills, also indirectly cautioned his party government against mindless spending. “We are only custodians of public money and not the owners. When one gets intoxicated with power, one feels that he is not answerable to anybody. In democracy, every paise spent is accounted for,” he stated without making any specific references.

He again went on to praise the chief minister for implementing Anna Bagya scheme, The subsidised rice scheme. Chief Ministers announce popular programmes based on their own experiences and background. “If Siddaramaiah had come from a rich family background, he would not have implemented the scheme. The Congress’ ideology and Siddaramaiah’s background have matched. So the scheme was introduced. I salute the leader and his entire team for this,” he stated.

He said the government should take steps to ensure that tourism becomes affordable for the common man. “Tourism today has become the domain of the rich,” he said.


Kumar, taking a dig at both Yeddyurappa and Kumaraswamy,  said the former chief ministers were not fit to be in the Assembly. After a brief pause, he added, “They both are Lok Sabha material. Kumaraswamy should go to the Lok Sabha and vacate his position (Leader of the Opposition) to H D Revanna,” Kumar said apparently referring to the cold war between thebrothers. Kumaraswamy can get a prime position in the next government at the Centre, he said.

He said Yeddyurappa should  also get elected to the Lok Sabha. “Ever since there have been talks about Yeddyurappa coming back to the BJP, the smile on Jagadish Shettar’s face has faded. Even if Yeddyurappa comes back, he should allow Shettar to continue in his present position (floor leader).”

While Shettar heartily smiled away, Kumaraswamy chose to remain mum.

Ganga jala and Iftar biryani do not go together

Ramesh Kumar drew an analogy between political parties with secular and pro-Hindutva ideologies by comparing Ganga jala with Iftar biryani, leading to peels of laughter in the Assembly.

“When the BJP was in power, its leaders distributed Ganga jala. Kumar-aswamy (JD-S leader) attends Iftar party wearing scarf. Can Ganga jala be distributed at an Iftar party? If done, Ganga jala will lose its value as holy water. The combination doesn’t work. This is the ideological difference,” he stated in an effort to drive home the point that the reported efforts of the JD(S) and the BJP to have an alliance for facing the Lok Sabha elections.

A Congress member in a lighter vein asked what’s wrong if clean Gangajal is used for preparing biryani! Krishnaiah Setty, who was minister in the Yeddyurappa cabinet used to distribute Ganga Jal during Shivaratri, in many temples.

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