Narendra Modi represents communal party: Hazare

Narendra Modi represents communal party: Hazare

Anti-graft activist Anna Hazare on Friday said Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi represents a communal party.

Hazare’s clarification came in the wake of a controversy over his statement that he had no proof to call Modi communal. “From the statements of a particular political party it appears that the party is communal. The BJP has nominated Narendra Modi as the chairman of its campaign committee. He represents what the BJP,” Hazare told reporters at a press conference.

“He belongs to a party that sympathises with only one community and is against other communities. It is also known that it is totally against one particular community,” he added. “As far as I know, so far Modi has not condemned the Godhra carnage and riots that followed. How can I give him a certificate that he is not communal?”

Hazare also asserted that the BJP will not get a majority in the coming elections. “The Indian Constitution is secular and every political party will have to follow it. Those political parties who do not follow a principle will never get a majority,” he said.

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