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Sindh — Stories from a vanished homeland
Saaz Agarwal
Black and White Foundation, 2013, pp 319, 400
The book presents a collection of true stories that give a picture of life in Sindh before and during the partition of India. It weaves together childhood memories with interesting and relevant facts, and gives a glimpse into a world that has never been given the representation it deserves.

Theodore Boone — The Activist
John Grisham
Hachette, 2013, pp 289, 250
Though he’s only thirteen, Theodore Boone has spent more time in the courtroom than almost anywhere else, and there’s always a new adventure waiting. After having been falsely accused of vandalism and theft, Theo is happy to finally be out of the hot seat, once more dispensing legal advice to friends and community members, when an exciting new case demands his urgent attention.

Our Ascent to Everest
Sir Edmund Hillary
Roli Books, 2013, pp 245, 350
The authoritative first-person account of Hillary and Tenzing’s ascent of Mount Everest, reissued on the 60th anniversary of this landmark achievement. The book is also a thrilling and inspiring story of courage and endurance — a story that will captivate a new generation of readers on the 60th anniversary of Hillary’s extraordinary achievement.

Standing in another man’s grave
Ian Rankin
Orion Books, 2013, pp 422, 699
It’s 25 years since John Rebus appeared on the scene, and five years since he retired. Not only is Rebus as stubborn and anarchic as ever, but he finds himself in trouble with Rankin’s latest creation, Malcolm Fox of Edinburgh’s internal affairs unit. Added to which, Rebus may be about to derail the career of his ex-colleague Siobhan Clarke, while himself being permanently derailed by mob boss Big Ger Cafferty.

Asking, We Walk (Volumes 1-4)
Edited by Corrine Kumar
Streelekha Publication, 2013, 4,000
This set of insightful volumes is an anthology of essays that challenge the dominant paradigms of knowledge and politics, drawing the contours of new political imaginaries.

Nine: Curse of the Kalingan (Book I)
Shobha Nihalani
Penguin, 2013, pp 378, 250
The Kalinga war, fought by Emperor Ashoka, took place in 261 B.C. The war brought enormous destruction and death. This was the war which brought about a profound change in the most famous Mauryan Emperor who converted to Buddhism and pledged never to wage a war again.

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