Philipose (Mammootty in the lead) cannot speak softly, but can only blare like a loudspeaker. Society prefixes ‘mike’ tag to his name as if to say that ‘Mike Philipose’ doesn’t need a mike to speak.   
Philipose comes to the city from his hamlet to sell his kidney to get back his mortgaged house. Media mogul Sasikumar as Anand Menon is the recipient with whom he stays till the transplant is done.

Menon, an NRI, at times pouts, seeing Mike’s cranky manners. The hero with unkempt hair and innocence, eventually gets ensconced in the life of Menon and the mortals around him.
Soon a strong bonhomie or, something beyond that, develops between the two. Bollywood beauty Gracy Singh makes a graceful appearance as a nurse. Her loathing for Philipose’s loquaciousness later gravitates towards love. There are kids’ pranks and funny moments.
Jayaraj, this time, has doubled up as director and writer to give us a decent film that is heartwarming. The gist of ‘Loudspeaker’ is loud and clear: affection that sets no condition!

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