Fashion has 'wear-by' date

Fashion has 'wear-by' date

Women love trying new trends, but a research suggests that certain outfits should be avoided by women of certain age groups as fashion comes with a wear-by date.

Women should ditch belly-bearing crop tops by the age of 34, and avoid showing off midriffs in bikinis as soon as they reach 40, reveals the study conducted by All-Bran Five Day Challenge, reports

Miniskirts, hotpants and belly button piercings should also be avoided after mid-thirties. And it's not just crop tops and bikinis that the over-30s need to avoid, with the miniskirt being labelled as "too old" for those aged 37 or above, even hot pants should be ditched at 35.

Ruth Gresty, spokeswoman for the All-Bran Five Day Challenge, said: "People may say, 'If you've got it, flaunt it,' but it seems that this isn't always the case for some of our wardrobe staples."

"It's alarming that the crop top or bikini is causing such widespread 'midriff mayhem', and women actually believe it should come with some kind of a wear-by date.
Ultimately, it should come down to how confident you feel about your stomach and body - if you have worked hard to maintain a flat tum, you should be able to show it off."

"But for some women, a flat, less bloated tummy can prove elusive no matter how many stomach crunches they do and mean they aren't comfortable in revealing clothes as they get older. However the secret can be as simple as making a few small dietary changes like eating a fibre rich breakfast cereal every day, which is proven to ease bloating and that swollen tum look," Gresty added.

The study conducted on 2,000 women also found that leggings should be avoided after one reaches 37 years of age and stilettos are a complete no-no if you are 41-plus.
Belly button piercings should be removed by the time you turn 35, while long hair should be given a chop at 42 for a shorter, more "mature" look.

As many as 27 percent believed that ladies should stop shopping in younger clothes stores like Topshop and Miss Selfridge once they reach their early forties.

Over a fifth of those polled said they would put age aside and show off their body if they had a flatter or less bloated looking tummy like celebrities, but admitted they found it incredibly hard to achieve.

Another 16 percent believe in the mantra, "if you've got it, flaunt it".

It also emerged that it's not just women who should put limits on their wardrobe, as the results also showed that men should quit their beloved football shirts at the age of 25.

Researchers also found that women are taking the lead from celebrities, with 67 percent of those surveyed said that famous females are making it more acceptable for women to wear belly-bearing clothes after a certain age.

"Thankfully, it seems like the celebs have got it sussed when it comes to understanding the relationship between feeling good on the inside and looking great and are not afraid to show off their midriffs- whatever their age," Gresty added.

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