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Online food is a tall order

Over the past couple of years, websites letting you order food at the click of a button have been growing slowly but steadily. However, what has been stagnant over this time is the level of service these websites provide. True, that this can be considered bitter and unnecessary cribbing, given that such websites are actually making our job of ordering food a whole lot easier, but when you consider the downside, the bitterness is almost justified!

Let's first examine the manner in which the order is taken. You first log on to the website of your choice, pick an eatery you want to order from, order the dishes you want and decide whether to pay online or cash on delivery. However, as soon as you click the “Place Order” button, the order doesn't directly go to the eatery. Instead, it first goes to a section powering the website itself, from where you receive a call to confirm your order.

Now this would have been a perfectly understandable arrangement because it weeds out prank orders, but for the fact that when your order is finally passed on to the restaurant, only the dishes and their quantities are  conveyed, and not the other specifics you had mentioned, like “don't make the food too spicy”, or “bring change for a high-denomination currency note”. Such omissions often lead to a lot of irritating and avoidable hassles when the order finally arrives.

Then there's the issue of websites often carrying old prices for restaurants, which leads to your bill ballooning to undesirable proportions. And that's not even counting the service taxes and container charges you will have to bear.
It's not that we are thankful for the services being rendered here, but we would definitely like some improvement, especially when there is room for it.

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