DH Utilities


»Wavosaur is a free editor for editing, processing and recording sounds.  It supports all classic editing functions such as cut, copy, paste, paste mix, paste replace/insert, paste to new file, trim/crop, delete and undo. It can also change bit rates, create and apply volume envelopes, detect beats and normalise. 
Other processing options include mute, channel convert (stereo->mono, mono->stereo), insert silence, fade in/out and invert/flip. It has a multiple document interface to let you work with many files in one session. It represents waveform accurately and has a clean and easy to use interface. You can use the right mouse to scroll/display context menu. www.wavosaur.com


»Timebridge is a very useful tool to schedule meetings. With a single mail, it helps the team find the best time to meet by checking everyone’s calendar.  It can propose up to five schedules that suits attendees and allow them to specify their preferred time.  Then it juggles everyone’s schedule and picks the best time to meet. It nudges attendees with email and SMS reminders. You can also use it to keep the meeting on track by sharing the agenda and capturing outcomes. http://www.timebridge.com/pages/features-overview
(Contributed by Sahana Das)

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