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tv talk

Chaos among the gods

Wrath of the Titans’ airs on HBO at 9 pm on July 23. In this movie, Perseus and his son Helius live as fishermen in a small village. One night, Zeus visits Perseus and tells him since humans don’t pray anymore, the Gods are slowly weakening. He explains that the walls of Tartarus are falling down in the Underworld and all the demons will be released on Earth. Zeus goes to the underworld with Poseidon to join forces with Aries and Hades — but they are betrayed and Zeus is captured. Poseidon escapes wounded and encounters Perseus in the Zeus Temple. Catch the film to find out what happens next. It stars Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Rosamund Pike, Ralph Fiennes and Toby Kebbell.

Out to prove his powers

Watch ‘Drunken Master’ on Sony Pix at 4.37 pm on July 23. A wine-guzzling kung fu master is notorious for crippling his students. His nephew Wong Fei Hung (played by Jackie Chan) comes to him for training. Within a few days, Wong is desperate to get away from his uncle’s brutal ways.

He flees but is humiliated and beaten up by a hired assassin.

A very angry Wong returns to the kung fu school with revenge in mind. Will he be able to beat the Drunken Master? The film also stars Siu Tien Yuen, Jang Lee Hwang, Ching Chiang and Ging Man Fung.

The worst kind of blackmail

Seven Hours to Judgement’ is a crime thriller, with a generous dose of action. A street gang attacks David Reardon’s wife and leaves her half-dead. When the gang is brought to court, she is still in a coma. So, judge Eden has to let them go on lack of evidence. Reardon believes it was Eden’s fault and takes revenge: he kidnaps Eden’s wife and threatens to kill her if he doesn’t find proof against the punks in seven hours. In panic, Eden starts roaming around in the night to find a witness. Watch the film on MGM at 7.15 pm on July 23. It stars Beau Bridges, Ron Leibman, Julianne Phillips, Tiny Ron and Al Freeman Jr.

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