Delighted to enter a new phase

Great Expectations

Delighted to enter a new phase

Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women (MLACW) recently welcomed its first-year degree students to campus. The fresh batch could be seen walking around with smiles on their faces.

Some point out that their experience with the college during PU days is what brought them back.

Ranjitha R, a BCom student, wants to do CS or MBA after her degree and believes that MLACW will help train her for the future.

 “I was in this college for my PU too. It has helped to develop my personal skills. And I’m convinced that the college will keep providing me with opportunities to
explore my capacities,” says Ranjitha.

Ranjitha is confident about her choice of college as she believes she will not have to worry about the job hunt after her degree.

Meena, a student of BA (PJS), wants to become a journalist and believes that the course in MLACW will help her reach her goal.

“I’ve been here since my PU days and the college is also close to home. But more than this, the coaching at this college is totally worth the three years that I will spend here,” says Meena.

She also says that she realises that PU college life differs much from degree life. “I feel more mature and grown up now. I see the college as a venue for a lot of possibilities and activities,” she adds.

Others love the teachers or the different facilities the college has to offer.

Aiysha JA, a BBM student, who aims do an MBA (HR), feels safe at this campus. “The teachers have always been very friendly here. They’re a very interactive lot and the environment of the college is also great. The best thing about the teachers is that they come well prepared for their classes,” vouches Aiysha.

“Placement is a big factor that brought me to the college. I find the college atmosphere, the teaching staff and the students here wonderful. I have great expectations,” says Naziya Syed, a first-year BCA student. She’s quick to add that she loves the canteen food, especially the dosa.

Sushmitha Raj, a BCom student, is deeply impressed by the business lab at the college and is convinced that it will help a lot in the whole course experience.
“The lab is a unique concept and the experience acquired from there will help me o see the practical side of the course. Also, I have friends here, which is an added benefit,” shares Sushmitha.

Many students opt for girls’ colleges because they feel secure.

Khusboo Singh, a BSc (PMC) student, whose father was transferred to the City, was recommended the college by friends and family.

“The freedom at a girls’ college is like none other. My parents can rest assured that I’m safe. Also, I feel lucky to be at this college as it seems to be a popular choice here,” elaborates Khusboo.

Commenting on the fresh batch that has come into the college, H Saraswathamma, principal of MLACW, says, “Each batch is very special to us. This new batch seems to be a conglomeration of bright and enthusiastic students. At MLACW, we give importance to both studies and extracurricular activities, which is needed for the development of every individual.”

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