A journey through the nuances of love

Poetic PerformanceThe City was recently treated to an evening of poetic performance, 'Love Notes' by 'The Rickshaw Muse'. Held at Atta Galatta recen

A journey through the nuances of love

The City was recently treated to an evening of poetic performance, ‘Love Notes’ by ‘The Rickshaw Muse’.

Held at Atta Galatta recently, the event had an interesting concept — mixing poetry and music — to involve the audience.

Pramod Shankar, Loreto Maimoni and Bar Hunka Leonard, the members of ‘The Rickshaw Muse’, took the audience through various nuances of love like passion, togetherness and lust.

The poems were lifted by the guitar strains. The event had a mix of old and new love songs.

The deeply engrossed audience only broke the silence to applaud and cheer them for their next rendition.

Nirmala Menon, founder of a consulting firm, said, “Today seems to be the perfect time for such an event, with the rain outside and such a cosy ambience inside. Music with poetry is a different experience altogether. And the verses seemed to
explore different moods of love varying from longing and separation to conflicts and so on.”

The event saw a mixed crowd, from students and book lovers to poets. “I have heard ‘The Rickshaw Muse’ before and they are understated. Their works are
simple yet touching. And there’s no doubt that they’re talented,” stated Shikha Malaviya, a poet.

She was quick to add that the combination of poetry and music heightened the whole experience.

The members of ‘The Rickshaw Muse’ were elated. Pramod Shankar talked about how the idea came about. “Loreto and I have been writing for sometime. We heard performance poetry at another event and it was a good experience. We liked the concept of poetry being more that just reading out of a book or being taken to the audience. After adding the classical guitar by Leonard to give more life to the performance, we sat and practised and it sounded nice, and here we are,” he said.
Pramod informed that after this experience, the members are of the opinion that they have matured as a group.

He informed that they have also picked up better ways to connect with the
audience. “Our performance isn’t like any other typical entertainment. And the expressions on the audience’s faces clearly explained how well they received it,” he wrapped up.

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