Drums say it all

Involving activity

Drums say it all

The rhythmic beats of the drums reverberated throughout the Rangoli Metro Art Center on MG Road last weekend as the members of Drumjam encouraged the visitors to take up a drum or a tambourine and play to their heart’s content.

From four to 74, everyone could be seen enjoying this community activity. Singer
Vasundhara Das and drummer Roberto Narain were instrumental in introducing different beats and encouraging people to go on. The other members of the team were equally enthusiastic about getting more and more people involved in this activity.

“It is a community activity and we have chosen this venue as it is one of the most centrally located one. We will come here and get people involved in music every month. We hope that more and more people connect through music. We want people to visit and be a part of this activity again and again. It is not just for musicians, everyone can be a part of it. We have seen different generations of a family taking up a drum. They are full of energy,” explains Vasundhara.

There was no stopping the crowd once they started playing and they went on to play for more than an hour at a stretch. Some could be seen shaking a leg along with the beats. The members made sure that everyone was included in the activity and passed on the tambourine and drums to those who came.

Vanisha and her husband, who were there at the event, were enjoying themselves. “The entire concept of making people bond through music is such a great one and visiting the Rangoli Metro Art Center made my day special. I will make sure that I visit it next time as well. The best part was experimenting with the drums. I was just following the beats and it was a lot of fun,” she says.

“It feels like the beats are drawing us towards them. Music is a huge stress-buster and visiting this place surely makes the weekend happy and lively. My kids are enjoying the activity the most and don’t want to part with the drums now. I am not a musician but who says music is just for musicians, it connects everyone,” says Anish, who was there with his family.

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