'CJM wife's death could be suicide'

Three days after slapping a murder case against Gurgaon chief judicial magistrate after bullet-riddled body of his wife was found near his official residence, Gurgaon Police on Tuesday said there was a possibility that she could have committed suicide.

Gitanjali was found dead on July 17 in high security Police Lines area here. The post-mortem report has mentioned that one bullet hit her stomach while another bullet hit the chin and pierced through her head. A third bullet was also fired which injured her neck minutely. Not ruling out the suicide theory, deputy commissioner of police (west) Surender Pal Singh said three bullets had pierced through Gitanjali’s body.

The DCP said one bullet did not cause any damage to her body, second bullet which pierced her stomach could not cause immediate death and third bullet entering below her chin and crossing her head can cause immediate death.

“The .32 bore bullet, which hit her stomach, can give her sufficient time to fire third round at herself,” observed the officer. The angle of the third bullet, which might have caused her death, is such that it is very difficult for anyone else to fire at such an angle, said the officer.

Another officer, part of special investigation team, said since it has been confirmed and
established with proof that during the time of Gitanjali’s death, CJM Ravneet Garg was
busy doing official work, away from scene of crime, “he himself had not killed his wife”.

“If he had hired some goons to kill his wife, why would he give his official revolver to commit the crime,” questioned the officer.

Even for hired goons, it is not easy to kill someone in Police Line compound, where thousands of police personnel are present, he said Geetanjli was upset over some issue and had not taken the lunch on that day, which was also confirmed by the post-mortem report, the officers said.

“That means, she was mentally upset and might have taken the drastic step of ending her life using her husband’s revolver,” said the officer who did not want to be quoted.

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