Filmi Fundas

Filmi Fundas

Inspired by a heart-wrenching crime

The New Delhi-based Producer-Director OP Arora has completed the shooting of his ambitious issue-based debut film called ‘Dilli Ke Dharinde’. The idea for his film, according to OP Arora, was triggered off by the gory rape episode involving the young student from Delhi last year.

“I set out to make my film, starring rank newcomers, inspired by the rape incident in the capital. Though I spent almost a crore of rupees, earning money was not at all my motive. My film has duration of an hour and a half.

In Dubai, you just cannot even dare to look at a woman whereas in Saudi Arabia, your hand will be cut if you even touch a woman in public places. I shot my film in a period of a month and a half in Delhi at actual locations where the crime took place. I know for a fact that a film is made or marred at the editing table.

My mission was only to drive home the subtle message that we should not take woman for granted,” he says.

‘I’m probably not as good as SRK’

Shah Rukh Khan, who hosted Hollywood icon Hugh Jackman last year in India, has come out in effusive praise for the star.

In a recent interview, Hugh had mentioned Shah Rukh’s coveted dancing skills, saying, “I’m probably not as good as Shah Rukh at the Bollywood dancing, so I’d need lessons.”
But the ‘badshah’ of Bollywood is modest — he insists that Hugh is actually very good at shaking a leg.

He recently posted on a social-networking site: “Hugh Jackman my friend u can dance...sing...act...fight better than anyone else in the world. U r Wolverine..the one and only!!! (sic)”.

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