Favourite numbers with a special touch

Latino Pieces

Favourite numbers with  a special touch

Columbian vocalist and percussionist Viviana enthralled the audience with her strong voice and classic choice of songs during a recent concert.  The event was held at the courtyard of Phoenix MarketCity and many gathered to listen to some of their favourite songs.   

“The weather is perfect today and I am going to sing some Latino numbers along with my partner Micheal. We are going to render songs by popular singers like Pitbull, Enrique, Stevie Wonder and others. I will sing in two different languages and hope that the audience like it,” she said.

She started with an energetic Latino song apt and many audience members could be seen shaking a leg.  Viviana also tried her hand at some percussion instruments as Michael accompanied her on the keyboards and vocals.  Most of the audience members admitted that it was a musical treat.

“I love Carlos Santana — his music is timeless and listening to some of his covers is great. Both of them are doing a great job. The concert was a pleasant surprise for me and my family. We were visiting the mall and did not know that there was a concert. As we were coming out of the mall, we heard them perform and decided to stay for sometime,” said Sushanth, who attended the show.

Some popular numbers by Enrique Iglesias were also performed by her and the crowd could be seen humming and singing along.

 The pleasant weather helped the audience enjoy the concert even more.

 Harshitha R, another audience member, was enjoying it along with her friends.
 “I have grown up listening to some of these songs and it is great to hear them after such a long time. It is like revisiting old classics. Viviana has added her own touch to these songs, which enhances the show,” she noted.

The duo were obviously enjoying their time on the stage and interacted with the audience while singing.

Some peppy numbers by artistes like Shakira encouraged the audience to dance along and enjoy the evening.

A perfect outing for music lovers, it was a great way to unwind. While some could be seen enjoying the music with their friends, others were relaxing with family.

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